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Argentina-Fundacion Banco De Alimentos

Project Name:Fundación Banco de Alimentos
Date Posted:07/09/2008
Date Updated:29/09/2008
Address:Gran Buenos Aires
Commitment:there is no minimum, nor maximum
Type Of Work:The Fundación Banco de Alimentos is a Foodbank, that is cooperating in a big network with schools, soup kitchens and similar institutions. There are for example more than 400 unities, which are depending from the distribution of the Banco. As a volunteer you would work in the warehouse, helping in the classification of the products. Other possibilities could be, supporting the soup kitchens in teaching English or cooking food
Required Skills:Spanish preferable, but you can survive without speaking it perfectly
Costs:No Costs
Contact Person:Henning Günter
Email:    (Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
Additional Info:It's the perfect place, if you are interested in volunteering, whilst you are staying in Buenos Aires. I personally work for a few months more in the foodbank and can help you with any questions.