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Burma-Burma Issues

Project Name:Burma Issues
Date Posted:20/7/2006
City/Town:Bangkok & Northern Thailand
Commitment:As appropriate
People Needed:Various
Description:volunteers can help with publications, database and documentation entry, computers, and english language training
Required Skills:according to the position
Costs:Food, transport and accommodation (some assistance may be provided to cover these costs)
Contact Person:Chutima Thongburan
Address:1/11 Soi Piphat 2, Convent Road, Bangkok, 10500
Website:Burma Issues

The aim of Burma Issues/The Peace Way Foundation

Burma Issues' aim is to particpate in building up a people's movement which is capable of carrying out the long term struggle necessary to bring a true and lasting peace to Burma.

Working from a grassroots perspective

Peace is not simply viewed as an end of the present physical violence against various sectors of Burma's people which could possibly be achieved through ceasefires, but rather as the identification of the root causes of war and conflict within the country and solutions to those root causes which would allow all parties and groups to live in harmony and with mutual respect and dignity.

To reach their goals, Burma Issues is committed to building a long-term people-based movement which places a priority on village-level wisdom, experience, culture and needs. We firmly believe that such a movement must be started with the most marginal of the country's people and then expanded to higher levels of society until all can participate to their fullest ability and capacity. The building of a truly just and peaceful society is not a top-down process, but rather a movement from the grassroots up.


Some foreigners, whether they are interested in the struggle in Burma or have little knowledge of the situation, approach the Peace Way Foundation as independent volunteers. The Peace Way Foundation will work out, together with the volunteer, what basic financial support they will need during their time with the Peace Way Foundation. This generally includes food, simple accommodation and transport. While the Peace Way Foundation is willing to provide some financial support to volunteers it also encourages independent volunteers to work, prior to arriving to the Peace Way Foundation, at ways of creating their own financial sustainability

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