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Ecuador-Animal Rescue Centre Flor De La Amazonia

Project Name:Animal Rescue Centre Flor de la Amazonia
Date Posted:15/06/2008
Address:POBox 16-01-703, Oficina de Correos Puyo, Provincia Pastaza, Ecuador
Commitment:2 weeks
Type Of Work:The volunteers are responsible for the daily caretaking of the animals that are at the centre. Regular duties are the daily cleaning of all the enclosures and exterior areas where the animals live and the preparation/distribution of the food to all the species of animals sheltered at the centre. All volunteers have to participate in the wide variety of projects planned for the centre, from building bigger and better enclosures for the animals (a continuous all year round task), improving access paths to enclosures, continuous animal observation, maintenance work, or in the different community projects that the centre provides to the local indigenous families (helping with crops, fish ponds, facilities, schools)
Required Skills:To be a volunteer you will be required to have a basic level of fitness, as most of the work we do consists of carrying heavy loads, using tools like shovels and machetes and walking up and down the jungle surroundings. We do have a minimum age requirement of 18 years of age, unless accompanied by parents or a tutor. As our volunteers are internationally based and the vast majority use English and or Spanish as first or second language during work at the centre you will be expected to understand and speak either of these.
Costs:$100 per person per week to stay at the centre. Of this amount $85 covers accommodation, helps provide food for the animals, covers basic veterinarian supplies building materials, etc while $15 is used to shop at the local market in Puyo in order to provide food and supplies for the volunteers.
Contact Person:Gloudina Greenacre
Phone:+593 84779298
Additional Info:To date we are proud to have received the help of volunteers from: Costa Rica, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Israel, England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, Holland, Italy, Poland and India.

The accommodation is very comfortable for where we are based: electricity (110V), gas for cookers, oven and hot showers (yay!), regular toilets, dormitory style rooms with 4-5 beds, a spacious separate kitchen with filtered water and hammock areas outside to relax after the hard work!