Project Name:Monte Saíno Natural Resource Conservation Center Volunteer Program
Date Posted:06/10/2007
City/Town:Monte Saíno-Cabo de San Francisco
Commitment:Preferred 1 month, less possible
People Needed:up to 15
Required Skills:We are looking for men and women in good physical condition with related experience or an openness to learn. Volunteer opportunities exist at Monte Saíno all year round but require a one-month commitment; however, there is no limit to the duration of your stay at Monte Saíno. Special projects may be arranged for shorter time periods as appropriate.
Description:Conservation work, many different opportunities
Costs:1 month 400$/450$ , every other month 350$/400$ (for the two sites) this includes food, accommodation, housekeeping, laundry and transportation
Contact Person:Mario Larrea or Julia Treu-Fowler
Phone:Tel. 00 593-2-223-1624
This project requires a small fee.Note: This project has a small fee required.

To the southwest region of the province of Esmeraldas, you find Punta Galera, the last remnant of preserved coastal rainforest in Ecuador, located in the transitional zone of two important eco-regions, El Chocó and Tumbesina. This area is one of the 25 hotspots in the world due to the incredibly high biodiversity of species. Monte Saíno Conservation Center is situated only 6 km/3.73 miles from the coastal community of Cabo de San Francisco.

Monte Saíno Natural Resource Conservation Center is situated in a protected forest reserve that consists of 209 hectares/ 516 acres of land. The Center is managed by EcoCiencia, (Ecuadorian Foundation for Ecological Studies), a private non-profit organization with headquarters based in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. Monte Saíno and EcoCiencia have pioneered conservation projects in the area for more than six years.

The objective of Monte Saíno Conservation Center is to promote sustainable management of natural resources among local community members through conservation efforts. Monte Saíno offers volunteer opportunities through a range of environmental projects. The Center is currently seeking volunteers to support this goal in meeting the following priorities 1)Restoration and regeneration of forest cover, incorporating analog forestry methods into neighboring farms and the establishment of biological corridors.

2)Sustainable collection, stocking and marketing of native forest seeds from a community seed source.

3)Quality control inspection of native forest seeds, incorporating an aggregate value and providing a guarantee of viability.

4)Sustainable collection and stocking of seeds and other products for the development and support in the marketing of handicrafts.

5)Identify a fair trade market and to sell products produced by neighboring farms.

6)o offer workshops on conservation alternatives generated by the Center to neighboring farms and others who live in the Punta Galera region.

7)Experimental management and production of crawfish as an income generating project.

8)Volunteer’s personal projects (ideas, dreams, volunteer’s aspirations, selection of projects with financing will have preference).

9)Assistance on related conservation research projects in the area developed by scientists and students.

10)Creation of new infrastructure and maintenance of the reserve.

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