AllยปEcuador-Santa Maria De Los Angeles Sustainable Village

Ecuador-Santa Maria De Los Angeles Sustainable Village

Project Name:Santa Maria de Los Angeles Sustainable Village
Date Posted:09/02/2011
Commitment:About 1 week
Type Of Work:Community Work
Required Skills:We are looking for volunteers who are interested in living and working in the beautiful Sierras region of Ecuador. Volunteers will help establish and maintain an organic food garden located on the grounds of an orphanage which provides care for children living with HIV/AIDS.

The aim of the project is to use permaculture principles to produce soil, fruits, vegetables and medicinal herbs. The project could expand to include natural building and educational opportunities within the community. The farm currently raises guinea pigs, pigs and quail for market. Additionally, the farm cultivates herbs to feed the animals and spirulina to support the health of the children.

In the early stages of this project we would love to host volunteers with experience and/or training in Permaculture/Organic Agriculture to assist in the Permaculture design.

Some of the main duties of our volunteers include composting, weeding, planting, maintaining the nursery, harvesting, chicken-care and other garden-related duties.
Costs:- Food and lodging is free
- Traveling via bus is $1 per hour of travel
- Spanish classes are $5-8 per hour
Contact Person:Burt Vera Cruz
Email:    (Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
Additional Info:none

Ram — 16 March 2012, 18:36

Here is some basic info on fertilizers. We have a rpbolem with White butterflies and as well as spraying the plants to protect them from bugs, we need to build up the soil. Its been suggested we use a