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Ghana-Ghana Village School

Project Name:Ghana Village School
Date Posted:08/09/2006
City/Town:Sega, Ghana, 60KM east of Accra, near Ada
Commitment:min. 1 month
People Needed:Please contact for detail
Description:A village primary school in Ghana is looking for volunteer teachers. You have the option of teaching students ranging from kindergarden to grade five.
Required Skills:High school graduate and above, looking mostly Math, English, and basic science teachers
Contact Person:ofoedarko(AT)

See Website for further information

Feedback from a former Volunteer:

My name is Moa Persson and I wrote to you last autumn and asked about a placement on a school in Ghana, Sega school. I just want to say that im here right now and that it is a fantastic placement and that I should be glad if you recommend this place to others thinking about going to Ghana. You may give them my email address as reference.

Im going to be here for 3 months and three weeks have already past inbelievable quickly. I live at the headmasters place. He is a very friendly person who will take the best care of any volonteer coming. The school I teach in has about 250 students sweet student. I take care of class 3 with some help of the other techers. It is quiet flexible and you can choose how much responsibility you want.

I just wanted to write and thanks for connecting me with this school and I hope more volonteers will come. I really recommend the place.

Best Regards from Moa Persson from Sweden

Matthew Adam — 30 July 2010, 02:29


I have just finished a year at the Univeristy of Aberdeen in Scotland studying primary teaching. Although I enjoy the course, I have decided to postpone my studying for a year or two, to do some volunteer work.

Although I would be willing to work on most projects, (dependant on its price) one which caught my attention on your website was the "Ghana Village School" project.

I am a hard worker, have teaching experience, and also have higher qualifications in: English, Maths, Politics, P.E and music. I would be extremely interested in a longer term stay to allow me to contribute as much as I possibly could. If there is anything further information I could receive from you, I would be more than happy to hear back from you.

Best wishes,