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Ghana-Tamale Volunteer

Date Posted:24/02/2009
Address:P.O.BOX 1260
Type Of Work:Working in Youth Homes we provide support as well as educational training to youth who are vulnerable in all situations in live. Everyone know how these neglected youth need support in terms educational programs and moral for better future. We have about 2 youth homes currently that we work with in Tamale
Teaching English Language or subjects relevant to the development and growth of youth and children. We have quite number of primary and kindergartens (Day care Centres) for the children where volunteers can help in teaching in theses centre. We are therefore instituting international partnership to teach them wiith at least a language hence our need for partnership
Volunteers in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) training. Computer courses for the youth and also to the people so that they can also fit to the GLOBAL VILLAGE that ICT has brought. We help youth musicians, artisans, artists and others to use computers for their working areas
Volunteers in events and film concerts where we want international partnership to combine both our cultural events to theirs for exchange learning
Required Skills:ENGLISH
Costs:Volunteers will be in charge of their own traveling ticket. for food and accommodation, both parties will share the cost. we will provide volunteers will nice accommodation as well as food
Contact Person:MUHSIN JALLAL
Email: (Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
Phone:+233 207 422 904
Additional Info:none

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