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India-Bodhgaya Schools

Project Name:Bodhgaya Schools
Date Posted:07/11/07
Date Updated:16/06/2008
Commitment:1 month min.
People Needed:three or four
Description:Teaching 5-15 year old village chldren english,maths,singing,etc.
Required Skills:Anyone who enjoys children and speaks English.
Costs:Accomodation and food in Bodhgaya are about 250 Rupees = US$6 - 7
Contact Person:Edan Kenneil
Phone:UK. 07796190217 India 09926923848

This is lovely work in a special place. Here Buddha attained enlightenment in 560 BC. The children really benefit by having visiting teachers. There are schools in remote villages and one near to Bodhgaya. There are courses in Buddhism and meditation available in and around Bodhgaya.

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