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Project Name:Children Walking Tall
Date Posted:16/07/2006
Date Updated:13/08/2008
City/Town:'The Mango House', H.No 148/3, Nr Vrundavan Hospital, Karaswada, Mapusa, Bardez, Goa
Commitment:At least three months
People Needed:The more volunteers we have the more work we can do!
Description:See below
Required Skills:Volunteers to help as teachers, child care, organise events/activities etc.
Costs:Food, accommodation and police check (see below)
Contact Person:Robert Lyon
Phone:(0091) 9822 124 802

About Us
Children Walking Tall is a small and relatively new charity. It was all started at the start of September 2004. Its aim is to give the children of India a childhood worth remembering. Many of the charities in Goa and India are based around religion or run as businesses, with children being the second thought, Children Walking Tall puts the children first and it's purpose is to give all the children who might otherwise be left aside a chance for education, fun and care. We became a registered charity in the UK in October 2004 and were later registered as a Trust in Goa.

The work started by visiting slums and providing education to them in small groups sat under a tree on mats. We also went on fruit visits, gave out clothes and helped as best we could with our first aid kit. In May 2005 we found 'The Mango House' which had then been abandoned for many years. It was in a very poor state with many of the tiles missing from the roof, most of the windows broken and it had a very basic kitchen and bathroom. It took six months for it to be transformed into a children friendly useable house and drop in centre for the children.

The children now visit the house to have a small school session in the morning followed by a morning snack, then a craft session, dinner, rest / TV break and then outdoor games in the afternoon followed by an afternoon snack and then a session to discuss how the day went and then return home. The aim of the centre is to provide a shelter in which all children, no matter what their background, religion or circumstance can come for healthy food, medical care, washing facilities, clothing, and a safe/dry place to rest and join in with creative and fun education. Also we want to provide them with the time to do what children the world over should do, PLAY!

Before You Start
To make volunteering a better experience we try to keep you informed of what we need and what we expect of the volunteers. Volunteering to us is very important: as we are such a new charity we rely on the help of volunteers so that the donations we get can go straight to the children. Below is a list of points to help you make the choice of whether CWT is right for you.

  • Unpaid Positions - All volunteer places are unpaid.
  • Accommodation - All accommodation is to be paid in full by the volunteers, on occasion, CWT can help find accommodation although please realise that finding accommodation takes time and unfortunately we tend to be very busy from morning till night. Goa has an abundance of rental apartments and these range in price from around 50 per month to 200 per month in the coastal areas. Cheaper accommodation can be found away from the coast but in our experience most volunteers prefer to stay near the beach.
  • Location and Travelling - The Mango House is located just outside Mapusa which is about 20 mins drive from Calangute, Baga and Candolim (about 11 miles). Another cost to be aware of is travel to and from the Mango House and also to any of the slums that we work at. It is usually too expensive to do this by Taxi but there are good bus services to and from all the resorts (although the buses can be busy). Another option is to hire a motorbike or scooter; these can usually be rented for around 100 Rs/- per day (the price of fuel is extra).
  • Working Hours - So that we can provide the children with some stability we like volunteers to work a minimum of 20 hours a week, however we can discuss this if it is likely to be a problem. There are a range of jobs available and if you have a particular skill then we will try to use that. However we prefer volunteers who are willing to try everything. Volunteers are expected to help with the more routine, sometimes mundane tasks as well as involvement with the children. There is always lots of clothes sorting, gardening, landscaping, and manual jobs as well as teaching, helping in the office and creating resources for the schools. We have a huge garden/forest that needs taming so that it is safe for the children, so please be willing to help, even if it's just one day a week. Then of course there are the children who need constant love and attention.
  • Criminal Records Check - We welcome any volunteers wishing to come and help the children who do so with no hidden agenda. Child protection is very important to us so anyone who wishes to come and work here in India with the children must apply for a Criminal Records Check (CRB), the procedure below relates to people from the UK. If you come from another country, a similar 'police check' will be required.

If you would like the CWT UK office to handle your UK CRB applications, please contact the UK Office at childrenwalkingtall(AT) . A 20 charge for the cover of postage and the CRB should be made payable to Children Walking Tall. (Please check the cost when contacting the UK Office) If you already have a recent CRB check we will need to see the original copy so that we can verify it and to take a copy for our records.

  • Volunteer Co-ordinators - We have two volunteer co-ordinators who are here to help make your volunteering and your stay in Goa a happy and rewarding experience.
  • We recommend that anyone who wishes to work with us should be vaccinated to protect against the follow diseases for their own safety. ( T.B. - Polio - Tetanus - Diphtheria - Hepatitis A and B - Typhoid ).

What to send us
* CRB - In order to become a volunteer we request that everyone sends in a CRB application well in advance of their departure to India. These checks can take up to three months, the sooner they are complete the sooner you can volunteer. If you already have a valid CRB (less than 3 years old) this can be sent to our UK office for verification and it will then be sent back to you.

  • Covering letter - A letter explaining what exactly you want to do and what you expect from the charity. This is required so that we can best place you when you arrive.
  • Passport Photo - One passport sized photo. (Please send a copy via email also)
  • Reference - At least one reference from your most recent employer/lecturer.
  • CV - A current CV.

More Information
Please visit our online volunteer section for more information

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