Project Name:GRISSMAA
Date Posted:12/12/2006
City/Town:Madurai, Tamil Nadu
Address:40A, Visuvasapuri 3 rd Street, Gnanaolivupuram
Commitment:4 - 12 weeks
People Needed:Many
Description:Large variety of work possibilities according to people's skills and time commitment, they also do placements in other indian NGO's
Costs:$200 for the 1st month, $150 for the 2nd month and $100 for the 3rd
Contact Person:Aloysis Danielraj
Phone:0091 452 2456964

See website for further information.

Melanie — 18 February 2012, 09:04

I did the same thing and just made a new page and pseatd your code.but when I linked it to main nav and clicked on it, it was a blank page.No idea, why it dint work..