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Project Name:Prime Trust
Date Posted:17/12/2007
Date Updated:24/06/2008
Address:Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu
Commitment:1 month
Type Of Work:PRIME TRUST, with the help of volunteers from many countries, runs a number of developmental projects in South India. We conduct several Social Awareness Programmes to educate women about issues ranging from health and nutrition, hygiene and sanitation, to domestic violence and women’s and children’s rights. Besides this, PRIME TRUST also involves volunteers in Child Sponsorship Programmes, prevention and education on HIV and microfinance for women’s self-help groups. Volunteers can also assist at the Remedial School we run.
Required Skills:- Good spoken and written English
- Enthusiasm and willingness to work hard
- A willingness to get involved in a number of varying tasks in addition to completing the chosen research/social awareness topic. These may range from writing monthly e-newsletters to helping to secure future funding for PRIME TRUST
Costs:The costs for accommodation and guidance become less when you stay a longer period of time. The reason is that it is more favourable for Prime Trust to have volunteers for a longer period of time. Also, in the beginning you will need more guidance. 1 Euro is about Rs. 55, 1 GP is about Rs. 80. With this guidance fee, Prime Trust will be able to pay for an interpreter when you need it and can give you the proper guidance. The guidance in the first month includes an introductory tour through Puducherry. For the first month you will pay Rs. 5000, the 2nd and 3rd month the fee is Rs. 4000 per month and from the 4th month on, this fee is Rs. 3000 per month. Prime Trust offers different types of rooms for different prices. If you have a preference for a room, please make sure to communicate this to us well in advance.
The prices vary from Rs. 200 to Rs. 400 per night for the first twelve weeks. After staying for twelve weeks, the rate per room will go down by Rs. 25 per night. All costs per night include breakfast. If you would like to have lunch at the office, you can arrange it this. The costs will be Rs. 75 per meal.
Contact Person:Mr S.M. Arasu
Email:    (Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
Phone:+91- 413 - 2214652
Additional Info:In the past few years PRIME TRUST has developed into a professional organisation that has welcomed many volunteers and students keen to work together for a better future. Today's volunteers are active, dynamic, creative individuals who possess the skills and the desire to dedicate time to accomplish a wide variety of tasks. PRIME TRUST offers different positions to volunteers; we have placements for interns and professionals, but also for volunteers who are willing to learn in a working environment and would like the opportunity to gain some real experience in a developing country.

someone — 25 June 2010, 12:27

If you are looking for a good organisation where yo ufeel the work you do changes somtething for the poor communities, please, choose another organisation. Prime Trust is not a good one. In fact, in India, there is a lot of NGOs created as buisnesses. Prime Trust is totally one of them. After more than one month spent trying to developp a project, i realize that Arasu, the director, is not interesting in any real social work. The only thing he thinks about is to make some money (by getting more and more volunteer or sponsoors... if only he had some projets for the volunteers...). If you ask him concrete acheivements his organisation has made in the last years,he will respond unreal activities with wide terms such as "empowerment"... The only good work that can be done with prime trust is when the NGO like the volunteer with other organisations like orphanage... But why paying prime trust for "guidance" ? You can go directly to the orphanage and be sure the money you give will go in right pockets. Thank you. Good luck for your volunteering project. India is such an amazing country to work in.