We don't do bureaucracy and we don't do fees !

AVIF is an innovative online UK charity, devoted to sustainable development. We operate online & onsite volunteering, help to bridge the technological divide and endeavour to achieve at least some of the Millenium Development Goals within rural Kenya.

The Summer Volunteer Programme, and all long or short term Volunteer placements, empower vulnerable communities and children, especially females, serving as an :

• Awareness-raising & inspiring experience for both volunteer & host
• Verification exercises for true needs
• Introduction for child sponsorship and sustainable development projects

AVIF works alongside the UK's Development Education Association, integrating Global Dimension into curriculums taught by our Volunteers on their return from our programmes in Kenya. AVIF and on-site Volunteers offer a range of simple but effective concepts such as small business, renewable energy, disease prevention, empowerment to women. After the program ends we use www.NABUUR.Com to action specific projects, allowing anyone, anywhere to simply log on and volunteer from the comfort of home or office. NABUUR’s online system (created by ex-CEO of World Wildlife Fund, Netherlands) enables full transparency with Wiki project management. Case study available online with NABUUR improving a dairy farming operation in rural Menengai

ERADICATION OF POVERTY CAN BE A LEARNING EXPERIENCE FOR ALL. We can deliver, face to face, the tools to empower entire communities to enhance their capacity for learning, earning and achieving.

What you can expect from AVIF : NO FEES
Overall duration of 5 weeks (or longer if you wish)
Full inclusion into community
24 hour support with in-country liaisons and management in Nairobi & UKTravel advice and continued assistance throughout
Informative and helpful Orientation provided free of charge in Nairobi with hostel accommodation
UK-led and managed end of program safari options with base camp in Oropile, Maasai Mara
A fantastic portfolio / CV entry
AVIF is exempt from CC registration due to our "kitchen table" size but are registered with the UK's HMRC as an Inland Revenue Charity ref. XR99385. Please visit the website and contact us for further details.

Asante & salamu ! Alison Lowndes Founder Trustee http://www.AVIF.Org.UK Fair Mount Hartwith Avenue Summerbridge North Yorkshire UK - HG3 4HT VoIP & IM Skype : avif_volunteers_in_kenya Member of the NCVO & DEA