Project Name:EFATP KENYA
Date Posted:04/11/2008
Address:19258 00100 NAIROBI ,KENYA
Type Of Work:1) Teaching assistants
2) Fundraising and communication co-ordinator
Required Skills:english
Costs:US $350 per month(administartion,sleeping,food)
Contact Person:victoria
Email:    (Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
Phone:020 2076670
Additional Info:EFATP-KENYA

is an organisation

that has a history of success in providing children with quality education, funds, bursaries, uniforms, materials and support.

This is achieved by the ....

EDUCATION FOR ALL PROGRAMS, a non government organisation, who through volunteers and sponsors raise donations to bring those in need into schools across Kenya.

Daisuke — 08 June 2012, 02:34

I dont think this should be the wniner but i loved it.It also gave me an idea If someone was making videos like the first one It could give a visually idea how to make realistic 3d For example normal