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Kenya-joy Community Centre

Project Name:joy community centre
Date Posted:01/06/2010
Address:p.o box 3897-00200 Nairobi
Commitment:1 month
Type Of Work:construction of class rooms where children can get go learn because at the moment the class rooms are being separated by carton boxes thus not making the children to concentrate in class work because of destruction from other classes. Teaching and care are also required.
Required Skills:counseling skills and should be able to work in slum areas/informal settlements.
Costs:450$ is as per month and it is inclusive of food,accormadation and trasportation of volunteers.
Contact Person:Mrs.Josephine m. mutinda
Email: (Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
Additional Info:Joy Community Center was started in 2003 in Nairobi Kenya in informal settlement of Mathare This was enhance after several cases of pedophiles from relatives that are HIV who believed that sleeping with a minor will cure them from HIV AIDS related illnesses thats why Joy Community Center was started to help the infected and affected families by empowering the community with information to reduce the vice business skills entrepreneurship and above all we started a school where these children could converge and able to be counseled so that they can take life positively despite going through tough challenges in life Today we are happy to inform you that through our endless support to our community the vice has drastically reduce and thats why we are humbly requesting for support to build class rooms for the children to enable them learn well help them see their dreams come to reality. We need help on building of class walls and also teaching and care because there are no enough teachers to teach thus making one teacher to be over worked.

Sachin — 16 March 2012, 22:40

I'm so sorry for your pain my friend. Please keep us uptedad on the girls and know that we are here if you need us. I'll be thinking of the girls and praying for their safety, if only that could be en