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Lithuania-Environment And Disability Project

Project Name:Wheelchairs on Mountain tops
Date Posted:04/07/2006
City/Town:Near the City of Siauliai, a few 100 metres from the "Hill of crosses" (Kryziø Kalnas)
Commitment:10 days
People Needed:8+
Description:Helping to make mountain paths accessible to those with disabilities, in particular making paths in the countryside wheelchair friendly. The project is divided into three main themes, which are interrelated to differing degrees: Europeaness, Disability and the Environment. See below for full description.
Required Skills:English, Lithuanian or Italian to some degree. Patience.
Contact Person:Elgan John
Email:elgan_john(AT), sigitavalaikaite(AT)
Website:Wheel Chairs on Mountain Tops

What's the story?

  • The idea was developed by Elgan who says:
"we are not some much a group as people who have been given the opportunity to bring an idea into fruition, we have, however, had a large amount of experience in running and participating in these sort of camps, as well as with working with disabled people. We are linked with one of the Barnardinai Associations (Lithuanian group) but the camps themselves will not have a religious nature"

What is the work?


  • The main focus is working to make the countryside around the “hill of the crosses” more accessible; building and maintaining paths, making benches etc.


  • There will also be some work on the hill itself. An attempt will be made to boost biodiversity in the area, making ponds etc and also to help people interact with the “unseen” side of the environment with insect and moth trapping and identification/drawing.

Who are the volunteers?

  • The group will be made of volunteers from Lithuania and volunteers from Europe among whom will be disabled volunteers.
  • The group will be integrated which may mean that work is slower, but this is an integral and important aspect of the project that the group functions together and that people are not left out or behind.
  • Discussions will be held on the main themes as well as cultural evenings run by the volunteers and other free-time activities.
  • Ideally Europeans, but others are welcome also, for example we have an Australian participating in the first camp, if there are too many people applying then Europeans will be preferentially selected (only to fill out requirement of a “European voluntary project”)

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