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Madagascar-Sainte Luce Reserve

Project id:514
Date submitted:2015-03-18
Date approved:2015-09-22
Project name:Sainte Luce Reserve
Short description:Lemur Conservation Volunteer in Madagascar
Country name:Madagascar
Region name:Africa
Address:Lot IVBL020
Rue Circulaire
Tolagnaro 614
Commitment:About 3 months
Type of work:Conservation
Required skills:No skills required
Costs:More than 500 USD / month
Contact person:Brett Massoud
Email:    (Note: email address is triple protected from spammers.)
Full description:We're looking for keen conservation volunteers for stays of between 2 weeks and 10 weeks. The work is about our lemurs and our forest. Lemur follows, seed collecting, nursery work, and tree planting.

We do charge, but the reserve is isolated and expensive to get to, and 100% of your fees are spent in and around our reserve.
Additional info:The difference between volunteering with our organisation and with other programs is that we are a nature reserve and not a volunteering machine, our organisation works on direct habitat conservation and we have clear and transparent goals. We don't tell volunteers about vague contributions to unnamed conservation plans. We don't constantly do the same research year after year that is never used or published. With us, volunteers live and work with the habitat and wildlife they are protecting. Our work is mainly practical and often physical.

Volunteer contributions to our work are NEVER enough to cover the costs, so, while we charge more than $500 a month, it is all spent on transporting the volunteer to the reserve, feeding them, and employing local people from the local village to work with them. We do not have foreign offices or fancy overheads, we don't pay for marketing, we don't pay directors salaries (I am unpaid), we don't spent money developing new projects in other countries, every penny paid is spent in Madagascar in or local to our reserve.

I understand your point in limiting the number of organisation you list to those with low cost, but I really think our case is an exception.

We think volunteers should choose us because: we spend the contribution in Madagascar and for conservation; we don't pretend to be anything that we are not; nothing is faked for the volunteers; we don't create activity just to give them experiences or make them feel important; this is real grass-roots habitat conservation in one of the most spectacular beach-front forests; vols have close encounters with wildlife every day; our director has 15 experience welcoming volunteers to Madagascar; vol health and safety are our principal concern.

We are proud members of the Lemur Conservation Network #strongertogether

More information and contact on our website,

Check our Facebook page www.facebook.c