Project Name:AYNI
Date Posted:14/09/06
City/Town:Alto de los More
Commitment:Ideally 4 Month
People Needed:2+ people
Description:Teaching English
Required Skills:English, Spanish helpful
Costs:for food and accommodation
Contact Person:Emily Braekhus

AYNI is located in northwestern Peru in a small village named Alto de los More. It is approximately 40 minutes away from Piura. It is a small grassroots, not-for-profit organization that strives to achieve sustainable development for the village as well as teach English to the local primary school children. Volunteers do not pay any administration fees but are responsible for their lodging and food in Piura where most volunteers choose to live. There is however a $200 deposit that volunteers initially pay. However it is fully returned to them after completion of their volunteering time. Ideally, we would like volunteers to be able to commit to one full semester. This means from either April to July or August to December. We are always looking for more volunteers as this organization is run by them. We don't ask specifically for any qualifications but having community, nutrition or education background is definitely a bonus. Rather we ask for volunteers to be passionate and enthusiastic about making a difference in the lives of these children and the surrounding community. We accept volunteers of all ages and any background.