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Peru-Installation Of Clean Burning Stoves

Project Name:Installation of clean burning stoves throughout in the villages of Huancayo
Date Posted:12/12/2008
Address:Jr. Las Planicies 351 Pio Pata-El Tambo, Huancayo - Per�
Commitment:Minimum one week
Type Of Work:In order to address the issue of deforestation for fuel and health issues related to inadequate ventilation,
Esperanza Peru started the Clean Burning Stove Project. By installing fuel-efficient wood stoves with proper ventilation, Esperanza Peru staff and volunteers help reduce the amount of wood consumed by community members while simultaneously reducing illnesses related to smoke inhalation.
Required Skills:Volunteers wanting to work in this project dont need previous knowledge of Spanish
Costs:USD 390.00 one month
USD 150.00 one week
Contact Person:Plinio Sovero
Additional Info:none

Rajendra — 17 March 2012, 14:15

Cute trick but not rocket sccneie (as described in other posts). You could make your own if you wanted to carry that kind of hazard aroudn with you. My concern is with the safety of the stuff.Given