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Peru-Instituto Mundo Libre

Project id:492
Date submitted:2015-01-08
Date approved:2015-01-20
Project name:Instituto Mundo Libre
Short description:Homes for drug-rehabilitating of street children in Lima, Peru
Country name:Peru
Region name:South America
Commitment:About 3 months
Type of work:General Projects / Multiple Activities
Required skills:Have an open mind, be able to work with children
Costs:Food and / or Accommodation
Contact person:Lucy Maldonado
Email:    (Note: email address is triple protected from spammers.)
Full description:In our two children homes in Pachacamac, a suburb of the peruvian capital, we help street children to leave their past and their drug problems behind. Activities for the kids include workshops, basic school, psychological sessions, house chores and free time.
Volunteers work in a broad band of activities: in the school, as educator, as workshop teachers, in administration. Just contact us.
Additional info:No accomodation provided, but easy to find in Lima. Food provided during working times.