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Project Name:VolunteeringPeru
Date Posted:06/09/2009
Address:Av Centenario Nro 259, Huancayo - Peru.

Av Centenario Nro 259, Huancayo - Peru.
Commitment:1 week
Type Of Work:Teaching Volunteer, Building Volunteer, Sport coaching, Working with Children, Volunteering in the Jungle and Health Care Volunteer.
Required Skills:English,
Costs:$US120 per week
Contact Person:Melody Smith
Email:    (Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
Additional Info:Our aim is to help disadvantaged children and adults through our own education and health initiatives, supporting local projects through our volunteering programs.
At volunteering Peru we believe that a little help goes a long way to help those in need. You will always receive a warm welcome from Peruvian people, to whom friendliness is a way of life.

We aim to provide a safe and fun environment for the children, helping them to learn and improve their English and other skills. Children are taught in a practical way, through colouring, drawing and singing. This is to encourage children to be themselves and to improve their confidence.
Children we teach are very enthusiastic to learn and to talk and play with our volunteers. Our volunteers teach the same class for 3-4 days so the children know them and also, so the volunteer knows children. This regular contact helps the children with their English and also their social skills.

jenny — 16 March 2012, 23:57

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