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Project Name:Foot2Afrika Adventures
Date Posted:14/12/2008
Address:P.O.Box 6898 Moshi-Kilimanjaro East Africa.
Street Moshu Municipal
Commitment:3 weeks to 6 Months
Type Of Work:Work with Orphanage, Teaching English in Schools, Work on Environmental Conservation, Health Care, Work with local women groupings,coaching soccer, Documentary and photographics, Culture share and work camps.
Required Skills:English/Swahili
Costs:$US 15 per day as accommodation also covers breakfast, dinner and laundry. Volunteer require $US 120 as class C work permit at duration of 6 months. The projects are charged nothing as we are all dedcated to help.Airport picup $US50 per person or sharing. Volunteer needs approx $5 to 10 in a day for their daily personal expenses.
Contact Person:Sadock Johnson
Email:    (Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
Phone:+255 784 828 835
Additional Info:We are local based organization in Tanzania taking independent Volunteers and groups as well in to our ideas of helping community to fight poverty. More details visit our website.

Frank Mullervy — 09 February 2012, 13:29

a very worthy and needed organization

Philip — 30 April 2012, 18:10

comment.From: Deus Sungwa Mgengeli==============Hallow Max!It is good news to read that u r still in Tanzania. I am a regular redaer of your blog. I a Tanzanian guy living in Mwanza city on the shores