AllยปThailand-Burma Volunteer Programme

Thailand-Burma Volunteer Programme

Project Name:Burma Volunteer Programme
Date Posted:25/09/2007
Date Updated:18/06/2008
Commitment:3 months+
People Needed:Many Volunteer Teachers
Description:Volunteers will be placed with Burmese organizations teaching English classes, editing documents and where applicable, helping with office and organizational tasks.
Required Skills:Fluency in English, Teaching and International Experience preferred
Costs:no fees
Contact Person:Aryca
Website: or

The Burma Volunteer Program (Thailand), BVP (Thailand) was set up in January 2001 to bridge the gap between pro-democratic Burmese organizations in Thailand looking for assistance and volunteers wishing to donate time and skills toward the creation of a democratic and just Burma. Volunteers work closely with Burmese organizations (political groups, ethnic groups and women's groups) working for a democratic Burma. Volunteers are primarily involved with English programs and skill workshops.

Paola — 17 March 2012, 05:54

We generally gnocreize that availability of time for volunteer activities today is scarce. So, what we now need is less formal structure to have to maintain if volunteers are to be attracted to the ac