Project Name:Community Health, community Development, Human Rights, Education and Social workers volunteer opportunities in Uganda.
Date Posted:05/11/07
Commitment:1 week minimum
People Needed:Adults of both sexes 18+
Required Skills:You are not required to have any formal requirements for you to participate in our volunteer programs. Unless the program you have applied for requires a professional volunteer, Cyorf Volunteer programs are open for all who have a passion to serve communities to grow into greater heights.
Description:several Intern/volunteers Opportunities (see below)
Costs:It costs $330 to stay with a host family which will provide food and accommodation.
Contact Person:Edward Magu

Volunteer & Intern activites are:

Help teaching staff at the pre-primary school / other partner schools in teaching English

Train other teachers / Volunteers in teaching primary school children and how to creatively plan their lessons.

Work with women groups to initiate income generating activities and to create sustainable solutions to the challenges they face on a day to day basis.

Assist in training women in several life and income generating skills. Carry out research to find alternative solutions to fight poverty

Participate in community outreach to identify with those who are struggling and to provide counseling.

Write grants to mobilize resources to assist in the procurement of equipments, materials, supplies to the communities for income generating activities

Work with the community outreach workers to promote effective trainings and workshops into the villages

Program development and expansion which would include conducting community outreach, needs assessments, evaluation with beneficiaries

CYORF is a pro-life organization with a mission to empower and/or building the capacity of orphaned children and widows to enable them be self reliant to intervene and respond to their needs (physical, spiritual, educational and emotional) individually, in their families and in the communities they live in.

Uganda, known as the Pearl of Africa because of its beautiful landscape, rivers, lakes,mountains and friendly people, is one of the continents most beautiful and inspirational countries and Cyorf Foundation is lucky enough to be based in Jinja, a town that sits on the edge of The Mighty White Nile.

Everyone can be of service. CYORF Volunteers have no professional requirements for participation. Volunteers typically share common characteristics such as flexibility, compassion, a sense of adventure, and most important, the desire to work with and learn from local people in the host community. Volunteers are drawn from all occupations and backgrounds, and from throughout the world. Each volunteer selects a service programme that best employs their experience and interests, and a programme where the volunteer feels engaged in a community project of lasting benefit.

Our volunteer/internship Programs are based on the belief that one person can make a difference in the lives of others.

We believe that our programs make a positive impact on the volunteers/interns who travel with us, as well as the local community. We have found that cultural immersion leads to a personal satisfaction that one does not get as a tourist.

Our programs immerse you in the every day life of your host. You will personally experience the happiness, struggles, aspirations and dreams of the people you assist - all while discovering the beauty, history and culture of Uganda.