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This section is very new and we are looking for your help to increase it's content...

As a large share of volunteer opportunities are about teaching, we are trying to provide a database with material to help teachers and give some inspiration...

Please take the given texts only as guidelines and ideas and modify them according to your situation.

These links go to the UNESCO Decade for Educaion for Sustainable Development

Unesdoc Images Unesdoc Images

Here you have access to some 100 hours (25 Modules) for teachers:

Unesco TLSF Education

Material for teaching English:

There are many other interesting subpages on as well, it's worth scanning around a bit!

Daves Cafe
Lots of resrouces for english teachers. Although this site is primarily for those wanting paid international jobs, it has great links and forums.

Puzzle Maker
Lots of puzzles to make up for classroom games and entertainment.
Good base of material for teaching English

And here there are some documents about teaching reproductive health, especially in asian and pacific countrys:

Unesco BKK

These are two ideas for lessons by Tim... :

Sustainability Lesson 1 - Tragedy of the Commons

Sustainability Lesson 2 - Waste Cycles