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Editing help page for volunteers

Written by Jonathan Cross


Adding an image to a page

  1. Create the picture you want to add to the site.
    - This should be a jpg file for photos.
    - You should consider creating a small and a large version of the image.
    - Small pictures should be about 100 - 150 pixels.
    - Larger images should be about 450 pixels (always less than 600 pixels in either dimension).
    - Small profile pictures should be 80 X 80 pixels.
    - The file cannot be over 100KB. (and should be significantly less, like 40KB)
    - The file name should ONLY contain letters and numbers (no spaces). _- are also okay.
    - The file name must be descriptive (for example 2005-01-05_sarah_face.jpg).
    - Save the picture onto your desktop.
    This will allow you to have a small version (fast page loading) which links to a large version when the user clicks on it.
  2. Edit the page you want the image on.
  3. Use the Attach button (paperclip) or type in this text on a line by itself:
  4. Save the page.
  5. You will see a link with a little up arrow, click this to go to the "upload" page.
  6. On the "upload" page:
    - first click "Browse" to locate your image.
    - Next click "Upload" and wait while the picture is sent to the server.
    - You should see your picture appear listed under "Existing uploads".
    - Click back to the original page to were editing and you should now see your image!

Formatting images (right/left/with a caption, etc)

Align an image to the right

%rfloat% Attach:2006-01-30_Sarah_sm.jpg

Put an image into a frame, align right & add a caption

%rframe% Attach:2006-01-30_Sarah_sm.jpg\\
Photo of Sarah

Link a small image to a larger image


Note: You must use the actual names of your BIG and SMALL pictures.

Text formatting

'''bold text'''

!! Main Big header

!!! Smaller, normal header

[+Bigger text+]

* Bulleted list

%comment% Hidden comment in the wiki code.

This is an editor's note.  Will be hidden from site visitors, but not editors.

For more info, see the PmWiki Text Formatting Rules and Basic Editing page.

Creating a new page

  1. Think carefully about where you want the page (which group it should belong to) and what the title of the page should be (it should not contain Ampersands (&).
  2. Locate the page from which you want to link to your new page.
  3. Edit the Page.
  4. Create a link to your (yet to be created) page like so:
    [ALL.Russia-My New Project Name]
  5. When you hit Save, you will see your link, but it will have a question mark. Click on this link to add the contents of your new page. the new page will be created when you Save the contents.

Creating a new PROJECT page

  • There will only be 1 page per project.
  • A project should be linked to from two pages:
    Projects By Country (in the appropriate county)
    Projects By Type Of Work.
  • Use the code from an existing project as a template (to create the blue table).
  • All Projects should be added to the ALL group. This group will automatically be listed on the list on the Current Projects page.


  1. Go to any existing project.
  2. Copy the Wiki code from that page.
  3. Go to Projects By Type Of Work.
  4. Add a link to your new project page (see How to NAME your project page and Creating a new page)
  5. Preview then Save.
  6. From Projects By Type Of Work, click on the link you just made.
  7. Paste in the wiki code you copied earlier.
  8. Change all the text to reflect the NEW PROJECT you are adding.
  9. Preview then Save.
  10. Go to Projects By Country and select/make your country page.
  11. Add the exact same link to this page and Save.
  12. Test your work! You should automatically see a link to your project on the Current Projects page. If you don't, you did not name it correctly. Create it again with the correct name and delete the mistake.

Naming your new PROJECT page

  1. All new project pages should have a link in the ALL group.
  2. Project page names should be prefixed with the country name in which they are located.
  3. If the country name has two words, they should be capitalized like so (SriLanka-).
  4. Therefore the links should have this form:
    [[ALL.SriLanka-My New Project Name]]

Detailed info on making LINKS

  1. There should be only 1 period in a link. (This is used to separate the "page group" from the "page name".)
  2. Each page can belong to only 1 group. (All preceding groups are ignored.)
  3. All spaces will be ignored by the wiki.
  4. All extra groups (if there are extra periods) will be ignored.
  5. An editor may provide "Link text" if they want the link say something different than the actual page name.
  6. All words must be Capitalized or separated by spaces by an editor.
  7. Internally, the wiki Capitalizes and removes spaces.


[[Sri Lanka.Links for Sri Lanka | Links for Sri Lanka]]

has lots of ignored information in it (better not to add it in the first place right?)
It is really:

[[Sri Lanka.Links for Sri Lanka | Links for Sri Lanka]]

Furthermore, since the link text is the same as the name of the page... we can remove the unnecessary link text and use the parentheses to hide the "group name" like so:
[[(Sri Lanka.)Links for Sri Lanka]]

All of the above links are exactly the same, but the final one is the most clear and shortest. It also shows people that the name of the page is exactly the same as the text linking to that page.
This form is preferred.

Capitalization and spaces in links

Also want to note that the wiki capitalizes all words internally and ignores spaces. If you make something lowercase / with spaces, the wiki will "fix" it for you.
So the following are all the same link as far as it cares:

[[(Sri Lanka.)Links for Sri Lanka]]
[[(sri lanka.)links for sri lanka]]

They will all work the same, but will display differently:

Links for Sri Lanka
links for sri lanka

The last one is how the wiki see it. If you look in the URL of a page, you will see this form.

Deleting a page

  1. Edit the page you want to delete
  2. Remove all of the text
  3. Write only the word delete
  4. Save the page.

NOTE: Your page will then disappear from the site. Be careful!

Renaming a page

I and Rupert can now rename pages if necessary. Just send the request. As a last resort (if for some reason we are taking too long to rename your page), you can do it yourself:

  1. Edit the current page.
  2. Select and copy the wiki code.
  3. Create a NEW page with the new name you want
  4. Paste in the wiki code
  5. When you are sure the NEW page is good and saved, you can DELETE the old page.
  6. Make sure ALL links to the old page are changed to point to the NEW page.

NOTE: This method has the unfortunate side effect of deleting all of the history of the page. Doing a real rename is better.